About Us

Handmade Nation is the brainchild of Owen Birkby and Becky Doggett who, inspired by the fantastic talent on display during #HandmadeHour, wanted to do more to support the handmade community; and so began the Handmade Nation journey. Have a read below to find out more about our fascinating story so far and how it all began.

In the beginning, there was #HandmadeHour

Owen had a background within the craft community as his wife, Clare, owns a well-established craft business. During early 2013, Owen was surprised to discover that there was no handmade-focussed networking hours on Twitter. He decided to create one in order to support this thriving community and help showcase their fantastic products.

The first ever #HandmadeHour was in May 2013. Around 300 tweets were posted and every photo was retweeted! Since this very first session the focus has always been on showcasing amazing talent and supporting the smaller businesses in any way that we can. Becky joined the #HandmadeHour team in around June 2013 and the session has continued to grow from strength to strength.

The idea for something more

The continual growth of #HandmadeHour was fantastic, but it led Owen and Becky to realise something - they wanted to do more. There was an amazing community full of talented crafters and we were helping to promote their makes, but there was still so many more ways in which we could help them to get their work out there. So they got their heads together and started coming up with ideas. They wanted to make a website. A website for everyone. Something unique, where you could not only sell your products but also access help, advice and information to boost your business. A website where you could access information on craft fairs, workshops and retailers looking to stock your products. But that wasn't all - to ensure this website was exactly what those who would be using it wanted, they decided that the handmade community had to be a big part of creating it. And so the plans started to take shape.

You helped show us the way

We used #HandmadeHour as a platform to get your input for ideas on what you would like to new website to be all about. As well as ideas, we needed a name - queue competition time! This competition ran in 2 stages, first of all we asked for name suggestions to be emailed to us - we had loads of entries! From these Owen and Becky picked a shortlist of their 5 favourites (a task which was very difficult given the fantastic names which were sent in). These were then tweeted and we asked our followers to favourite the one which they wanted to vote for. After 2 weeks the name with the most favourites was crowned the winner and as such, Handmade Nation was born

Things started moving

Now we had a name and a plan, so action needed to be taken! In order to finance our plans we needed to raise money to put it all into action so a GoFundMe account was set up as a way of selling memberships in exchange to contributing to the website costs. All money raised was going towards the Handmade Nation website and although we knew there was a demand for what we had planned, we were nervous that we wouldn't be able to raise the funds needed to create the fantastic site we had planned. We didn't have to worry though, the craft community offered amazing support and started getting their Handmade Nation memberships!

The next step was to find a web developer to make our plans a reality. Research was undertaken and adverts were put out. We wanted to keep within the handmade ethos and go with a reasonably small web company, but at the same time the project we were about to undertake was huge. It needed specialist knowledge and expertise which doesn't come around very often. We started working with Dan, a freelance web designer who created a concept for the Handmade Nation website and alongside our direction, created our beautiful logo which is the one we use today. We then came across Darren, a very experienced web developer who has created very sophisticated websites for some huge name companies but owns a small business based in Lancashire. After sharing our vision with Darren, he came back to us with plenty of ideas and thoughts on what he felt he could do to really help get the handmade community out there, ensure their products are seen and make the dreams we had for Handmade Nation a reality. And so production began...

The excitement builds and word begins to spread

While Darren and his team began to build the Handmade Nation website, Owen and Becky were still very busy with other exciting ventures. #HandmadeHour started to trend throughout the UK - and not just as a 1 time occurrence. Since late 2013 #HandmadeHour has regularly trended in the top 10 during our 2 hour session on a Wednesday. People were joining in throughout the world, especially across Europe and the USA as the hashtag reached their timelines. As a result, we began to get mentions in some of the top craft publications such as CraftSeller and Mollie Makes and was approached by Handmade Christmas at The 02 to be a sponsor at their craft event at The 02 Arena. This was a very proud moment for us, but in truth we were happier for all of those who had taken the time to join in #HandmadeHour every week; their hard work was paying off and their products were getting noticed. Increased demand led us to introduce a second #HandmadeHour on a Sunday evening and another to cater better to different time zones; #HandmadeHourUSA.

Handmade Nation today

So here we are... it's been a long time coming but the Handmade Nation website is finally here. This is your website, made for you, with your own ideas. Handmade Nation is all about supporting the small, independent business. We know how amazing your talents are but we also know how hard it can be to get yourself seen so let us help you shout it from the rooftops and ensure you get the support and attention you deserve!

A huge thank you

We want to take a moment to say a huge thank you to our founder members - absolutely each and every last one of you! Without you we wouldn't be where we are today so it's only right that you get a mention on the Handmade Nation website just to show how much we appreciate every one of you. If you would prefer your business name/real name to be listed instead then please do let us know.
Thank you!

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Thank you! You're all amazing!